Scryed Away Sunday: 31.03.2018

It’s that time again. Time for us to check out the latest goings on from the UKMTG community. So what are we waiting for?! There’s no time to waste!

Mark finishes off showing us all the wonderful cards that made it into his Pauper cube. Now all I have to do is convince him to bring it down to GP Birmingham so I can have a draft with it. 

Vince (otherwise known as PleasantKenobi) shows off his latest #walue engine in the from of a Blue/Black Heartless Summoning Modern deck with everyone’s favourite Scarab-headed god. Shenanigans are sure to follow.

Matt starts off a new series looking at some ultra budget Magic decks for online and the real world. Be sure to check back for some more decks in the coming weeks and months.

Tim explains Magic’s latest format to us all. He has also been working on some decks, ready to face me when we finally meet at GP Birmingham.

The guys from Orcs Head Magic bring us their latest podcast, where they talk about Dominaria, Arena and Brawl.

Finally, we’ve been having a few technical difficulties with this Thursday’s article here at Master of Magics – but worry not! We will have it up by this Tuesday. But to tide you all over, here is a little sneak peak. See you guys next week! 

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